Ohio state women’s basketball

Ohio State women’s basketball falls to Maryland 82-61

The postseason for Ohio State women’s basketball began on Friday. The Buckeyes faced a hard ournament test against the Maryland Terrapins, with whom they have a long history in the Big Ten Tournament. Although it is not a tournament final, as it has been in the last three games between the two teams, the extra eyes of a sellout audience in Minneapolis, Minnesota, gave it that feel.
Although Ohio State came as the No. 1 seed and had yet to lose in the opening game of the quarterfinals under head coach Kevin McGuff, the Terps compensated for two regular-season defeats to the Buckeyes. Maryland advances after beating Ohio State soundly. Terps advance with an 82-61 shock victory.

The Terrapins had the benefit of having played the day before Friday. It not only meant they were in better playing shape, but understanding the court and basket paid off. The Buckeyes appeared frigid from the start.
Without a full practice on the court, Ohio State missed its first four shots of the quarter, as well as two free throws. Rebeka Mikulášiková’s three-point shot was the Buckeyes’ first score after almost two and a half minutes of play.

ohio state womens basketball

Nonetheless, Maryland took an early five-point lead before the Buckeyes’ passing brought them back into the game. Partly because it provided Ohio State with more efficient paint efforts. Taylor Thierry, a forward, made two layups, one of which was a teardrop layup while getting by the Maryland defense.

The Scarlet and Gray’s first five baskets all came with an assist. The Buckeyes capitalized on a fast-paced opening to the contest. The Ohio State full-court press could then go to work once the shots were in. The Buckeyes embarked on an eight-point run to take their first lead of the game.

Ohio State was everywhere, including on the Maryland bench, when guard Rikki Harris clashed with Terrapins head coach Brenda Frese. The Terps’ iconic program leader was OK, pulling Harris up and smiling the collision off.
Despite being outrebounded 17-10 in the opening ten minutes, the Buckeyes forced six turnovers to finish the quarter with a 17-12 advantage. That lead would not endure. The poor start to the first quarter carried over to the second for Ohio State. Coach McGuff’s team went 1-for-5 from the field in the opening three and a half minutes of the game. Maryland scored nine of the first 11 points, with Mikulášiková’s layup the exception.

In addition, the Buckeyes’ bench depth was reduced. Harris picked up three fouls in five minutes on the floor in the first half, forcing him to return to the bench. Following a blocking foul, Harris was penalized for two fouls.

Maryland guard Brinae Alexander, Coach Frese’s #1 three-point shooter, sank two consecutive threes. The two shots were part of the Terps’ 11-point run in the opening half of the second quarter. It dropped the Buckeyes to a seven-point disadvantage with half a quarter remaining before halftime.

While Ohio State cut the lead to four points with a three-pointer from guard Madison Greene, sophomore forward Cotie McMahon’s struggles in the first half were the difference in the score.

McMahon opened the game 0-for-8 from the field and 3-for-8 from the foul line. The forward provided four first-half rebounds, but without layups, Maryland improved its zone defense.

Guard Jacy Sheldon, who led Ohio State with eight points in the first half, helped the Buckeyes regain momentum with 1:18 remaining in the first. Sheldon made a layup, followed by a steal and layup by guard Celeste Taylor on an inbound pass.

It narrowed the margin to five, but Maryland’s Alexander responded with her third three-pointer of the game.

Ohio State’s McMahon answered by sinking her first shot from the floor, but guard Shyanne Sellers extended the team’s lead to eight points at the end. Sellers pulled up at the top of the key for a midrange shot, releasing it with less than a second left on the clock.

Maryland led Ohio State 38-30 at halftime, leading in points, assists, and rebounds (+14).

After the Terps made their first shot of the quarter, the Buckeyes offense appeared rejuvenated at halftime. Ohio State reduced their 10-point deficit to five, beginning with a Mikulášiková three-pointer. McMahon’s two assists to Sheldon and Thierry resulted in two Scarlet and Gray layups.

The Terps are then confronted with a possibly dangerous situation. McDaniel and McMahon went for a rebound and made contact. McDaniel fell to the ground, and her head struck the court. The sophomore required assistance exiting the court but would shortly return.

A foul called both against and on McMahon stopped Ohio State’s scoring momentum. Sellers made contact after the forward moved to the hoop. Then, on the followthrough, McMahon’s arm made contact with Maryland forward Allie Kubek. Following a review, both sides attempted free throws, with McMahon converting both and Sellers missing both. It brought Ohio State to within one possession.

It was a brief, single-possession disadvantage, as forward Jakia Brown-Turner and Sellers teamed for three layups, the last of which ended with a free throw to increase the lead back to ten points. Ohio State was unable to find a response against Maryland.

The Terps extended their lead with a nine-point outburst. Taylor of Ohio State blocked the shot with a three-pointer, but player Faith Masonius followed with a layup and free throw to entirely negate it.

Overall, the game seemed similar to Ohio State’s regular-season finale versus the Iowa Hawkeyes. Regardless of what the Buckeyes did, their opponent had a response for everything.

Then McGuff was given a technical assessment. Masonius raised her arm as McMahon attempted a rebound, making contact with McMahon’s face. During the game, Maryland went down the court, and Alexander made a three-pointer while McGuff yelled at the refs.

After analyzing the call, no foul was assigned to Masonius, but instead to McGuff. This awarded Maryland a three-point shot, two free throws, and possession. Then, another foul against Ohio State placed the Terps in the bonus, increasing their advantage to 19 points.

Perhaps it was the technological difficulties or the growing fear of an early tournament departure, but the Buckeyes rallied at the end of the quarter. In less than a minute, Ohio State embarked on an eight-point run that included three layups by McMahon and Thierry. Each also used one of their layups as an additional trip to the line. McMahon scored the last shot, reducing the margin to 11 points.

However, Sellers hit the last shot of the quarter, regaining a 13-point lead at the end of the third quarter. The Buckeyes had 10 minutes to write another Big Ten Tournament comeback tale after rallying from 24 points down against the Indiana Hoosiers last season.

After Taylor’s midrange jumper to start the fourth quarter, Maryland embarked on a six-point run, thus ending the Buckeyes’ Big Ten tournament.

With the advantage, Maryland paused the game, dropping the automobile from 60 to zero. With each Ohio State miss (they went 1-for-6 to begin the quarter), the Terrapins pushed the time down to nearly zero. Even if shots were falling for the Buckeyes, there was less time to mount a response.

Alexander scored additional points for the Terps, making her sixth three-pointer of the game. With five minutes remaining, the Buckeyes faced an insurmountable 18-point deficit.

Maryland found an appropriate time to win their first ranked game of the season, defeating the Buckeyes 82-61.

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