Sam bahadur

Who was Sam Bahadur?

Sam Bahadur

In 1942, an Indian army officer, Sam bahadur was shot with machine guns by the Chinese millitary. He was injured with 7 bullets in his body.  he fell down and his friends thought he was dead.  he was so injured that his millitary commander removed his millitary cross and put in his neck. because after his death it cannot be given. Sam Bahadur was so courageous that he was eligible to receive it. he was taken to the doctor but the doctors. after he was cured he was brought to India. refused to start the treatment. His friends warned the doctor that if they didn’t start the treatment, he will shoot him. The doctor start the treatment

Sam bahadur’s real name was Leftenent Carnal Sam  Maniksho. He was the hero of india-pakistan war of 1971. he was a real example of self respect and courage. He was born on 3rd april 1914 in Amritsar, Punjab. His full name was Sam Hermoshji Premji jamshedji Maniksho. 

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