Exit poll 2023: BJP leads in MP and Rajasthan.

Exit Poll 2023

The exit poll which was released on Thursday that is on 30th november brought a mix picture for the assembly election in MP, Rajasthan,Chhatisgarh, Mizoram and Telengana. BJP leads in the states of Madhya Pradesh and rajasthan. While Congreee is predicted to lead in Chhhattisgarh and Telengana, In Mizoram, there is a neck-to-neck fight between the Zoram People Movement and Mizo National Front. Its going to be a tough fight within the mizos.

Jan Ki Baat in Madhya Pradesh: BJP 100–123, Congress 102-125

Republic TV-Matrize: Congress 97-107, BJP 118-130

TV9 Bharatvarsh Polstrat: Congress 111-121, BJP 106-116

Chanakya for today: Congress 74 (plus or minus 12), BJP 151 (plus or minus 12).

Jist-TIF-NAI: BJP 102-119, Congress 107-124

Rajasthan, India Currently: Axis Congress 86–106, BJP 80–100, Others 9–18 in my India

Jan Ki Baat: Congress 62-85, BJP 100-122

TV9 Bharatvarsh Polstrat: Congress 90-100, BJP 100-110

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